Why Halal Fusion Cafe

Why Halal?

Halal is a method of food preparation based on humanely butchered meat. We started out to fill a nutrition gap on California campuses. Muslim and Jewish students faced very limited food choices. We solved that problem by bringing Halal food trucks on campus.We found something surprising: you don’t have to be dietary restricted to enjoy Halal Food.
Increasingly, people are making food choices based on what the food contains, and how it was grown/raised. Beyond halal, our customers look for ingredients that are locally sourced, organic, free range and non GMO.
And Everything's Made Fresh To Order Just For You

Why Fusion?

Yes, we do killer gyros, lamb plates and kebabs. But we’re so much more. We can make all your favorite foods halal. That’s the “fusion” in our name.

We cater to an international customer base. We’re constantly developing new menus to bring you healthy halal food options to satisfy any craving.

If we didn’t tell you, you’d never guess that the Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian, boba tea – even fried chicken, pizza or sushi -- is halal prepared. But thanks to HFC, it is!

We also make a point of including gluten-free, vegetarian and even vegan offerings wherever possible.


Founded by Ghamay (David) Mashriqi, Halal Fusion Café is an exciting offshoot of the Mashriqi Family food service business. The Mashriqis fled war-torn Afghanistan in the 1980s and came to Northern California via New York City, where the extended family operates a halal food cart empire. In 2009, David and two of his brothers introduced halal food trucks to the UC Davis community. David was also instrumental in bringing their business to UC Berkeley and UC Merced.

The Mashriqis literally pioneered the idea of food trucks on college campuses. Now you can find them everywhere you look! Today, all nine Mashriqi brothers are involved in the business, each operating their own food truck(s) or storefront(s) on NorCal campuses.

HFC Catering

Need food for an upcoming event? Delight your guests with Halal Fusion Café.


Bigger Dreams

David Mashriqi is always one step ahead, planning new moves and new menu items.

He’s constantly on the lookout for opportunities to share his love of halal fusion food with new customers – both on and off campus.

He continues to develop new menus and partner with other food truck owners to expand his exciting Halal Fusion Café brand.

What’s Halal?

“Halal” is an Islamic term that means “lawful” or “permissible.” It refers to meats that are allowed to be consumed (e.g., no pork) and how the meat is slaughtered and cooked. Essentially, it’s about being humane. Halal requires that animals be treated well during their life and during the slaughtering process, limiting pain.

HFC serves only halal meat.*

*All of our meat is both Halal Certified

Kosher Safe.


Visit us: Fisherman's Wharf, 2828 Jones Street, SF Catch our trucks: Cal football home games, Berkeley, CA

Phone: 916-695-3888
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